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My name is Dona Zlatanova.  
I am working as a professional photographer in an advertising agency “Studio Blick”. Parallel to my career, I also enjoy creating unique paintings on silk.  I earned a degree in textile art and during the years, I never wanted to give up this adventurous passion of mine: to pour my talent and love into one-of-a-kind art pieces that would constantly release that invested positive energy.
Whether I am working with lenses and light or brushes and paint, I recreate positive thoughts and feelings. That is my desire. I love to experiment with different colors, shapes, symbols, signs, materials and techniques. The interpretation of each one of my paintings lies in the eyes of the beholder. My mission as an artist is to engage your mind by encouraging you to derive personal interpretation of my work finding own images and details as each of my art pieces carries a personal message.   Quite often, I pick the brush without an exact vision of the final image. Once done, I am always startled of the creations one can achieve by freeing their spirit and energy from the limited and monotonous daily routines of life.
During the years, I have worked for various organizations and agencies.  I hold one-man-show exhibits as a photographer as well as a silk-painting artist. I have also participated in numerous international exhibits, shows and contests, from which I have received diverse awards and recognitions including:
First place at the second national contest for Best Business Calendar of the Year;
Second place for Creative Tandem at the International Festival in Russia;
Second place at BFK and awarded certificate;
Bronze medal and certificate from The Academy of Photography at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria;
International Arts Show in Belgrade, Serbia; awarded certificate;
Kodak, special exhibit;
Special charity exhibit at the National King Theater in Rabat, Morocco;
Special Award from “Photofiesta’;
Participated in “Salon of the Arts”;
Exhibit at The Earth & People Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria; awarded certificate;
Exhibit at Viking Gallery;  
Exhibit at NBU Gallery;
Exhibit at the SOGA Ikebana Institute;  
Personal collection at NOE Gallery;
Personal exhibit and sponsorship at the Market of Culture & Art “Human Think/gs”  

I hope you will enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating each individual piece.
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